(Jan 25, 2014) Bill H. said:
Had Roger look at my wife's Mazda after another trans shop said we were looking at 42000 to $3000 rebuild cost. Roger checked the car out, found a faulty neutral safety switch. $130.00 and 45 minutes later we were back on the road fixed. It's nice to still find honest people whose focus is doing the job right and not trying to make a quick buck. We will be back for any of our future transmission needs. Thanks to all who work there! 
(Oct 31, 2013) David said:
Dropped off my 1991 Chevy K5 Blazer with Roger on Tuesday of this week with a slipping transmission. In two days, Roger and his staff had me back on the road with as simple of a fix as there could be...installing a new throttle valve detent cable. Honest shop here folks, I could have been told I was in for a transmission overhaul and had actually saved my money up for months to have it overhauled thinking that's what I'd be needing and they fixed me up for $75. Hard to find a shop that would be this honest with me and tell me all that I needed was a new cable. Thanks a bunch Roger and staff! I was so pleased to have this slipping transmission fixed that I drove the K5 from your shop all the way to my work office this morning, total of 56 miles. Happy customer here!
(Oct 19, 2013) Lacy said:
The Dodge's transmission was not shifting right, so I took to All American. The guys had me back on the road the same day. Great job guys....thumbs up here!......JOHN 3-16
(Apr 18, 2013) owner [ Roger ] said:
Ms. Staton : The employee's are not allowed to smoke in the shop, and choose to go outside and work so they can smoke. They are not required to do this. However, thanks very much for your concern
(July 13, 2012) danii ramdanii said:
wow :) like this
(Jan 3, 2012) .staton 1-2-12 said:
Mr. Why do you have a fellow working outside in this cold wind chill 21? I would think you care for your workers better then that. My prayer is May god keep this fellow warm & your heart. I will have my church pray, and I will tell others. Thank God for those that care.
(Sept 9, 2011) Sheldon said:
Thank you for fixing my mother's car last week. Also for transporting her to and from home. I live in another city and can't always get down to Lynchburg. Nice to know you guys are there for us. Thanks again.
(June 23, 2011) David Desmond said:
Nice site!